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Our Guide to Brixton’s Markets Brixton's Markets Inside and Out

Our guide to Brixton’s Markets – inside and out!

Yes! Brixton is the buzz word right now. Here’s our guide to Brixton’s Markets, inside and out. It was great to be reminded of what makes Brixton so refreshing. It really is a great place to be right now. It’s unique mix of cultures have undoubtedly played a hug part in giving Brixton the status it deserves as they influence every part of Brixton life. From it’s shops to eating establishments and of course its markets, Brixton’s energy is contagious and beaming with life. I would advise anyone visiting Brixton to have no fear and dive right in. If you love travelling, discovering and absorbing as you go, then you won’t be disappointed. 
“Brixton’s energy is contagious and beaming with life!”
My first stop was Brixton’s Station Rd market. It was sad to hear that the federation who run the market lost their funding last year, so I was delighted to see that the market was looking as good as
ever. Saturday was their monthly Makers Market, held every 2nd Saturday of the month. Unlike other markets Station Rd has loyally stuck by it’s roots and the stalls you find there reflect Brixton’s diverse culture. 
I Love Markets Visits Brixton’s Station Rd Makers Market, SW9
“If I can achieve anything in writing this blog it would be
to encourage the cool cats who visit Brixton Village to wonder off the beaten track and pay Station Rd Market some attention!” 

Makers Stalls at Brixton’s Station Rd
It has great vibes, great stalls, outdoor eating spaces and best of all honest prices! I couldn’t resist buying this African print bag from Aquarius B. 
I Love Markets! Couldn’t resist shopping at Brixton’s Station Road Market
Moving on from Station Rd you can take in some traditional market action at Popes Rd. 
“The string vests on sale might make you smile, but so will finding clean public toilets and also this hidden gem, the Las Americas Cafeteria.”
Las Americas, tucked away on 26 Popes Rd, Brixton
If you cant afford the plane journey to Columbia, but you want to sample it’s street food then this place will serve you well. Obviously a bit hit with Colombian locals, only one of the staff speaks English but a good  place to start is to ask for their house special. We sampled these delicious fried Empanadas with Beef and Potato Filling served with a spicy chilli dip. The Arepas (corn griddle cakescorn pancakes), were also a winner.
Our next stop lead us to Brixton Village Market, which is perhaps responsible for Brixton receiving the accolade of London’s hippest neighbourhood by Stylist Magazine last year.
I Love Markets-Inside Brixton Village, SW9
Despite it’s super-hip status, the mix of traditional market stalls alongside the chic & stylish businesses keep Brixton Village well grounded. It’s easy to bypass the traditional stalls but take a closer look and you’ll find some really useful and cool stuff. Everything to assist old wives tales and domestic goddesses and all really cheap. 
Bargains to be found at Brixton Village (ILoveMarkets)
I Love Markets loved! Avia Vintage Shop, Brixton Village
When browsing the never ending flow of quaint cafes and restaurants it’s hard to know which to choose.I think it’s fair to say that you can’t go wrong with any of them, as they all appear to be totally delish and enticing and of course full with people. The Japanese streetfood place Okan was were our hearts landed and we weren’t disappointed.
Okan Japanese Streetfood, Brixton Village (ILoveMarkets)
Here their sample dish is Okonomiyaki, the most popular and famous streetfood dish from Japan’s second largest city, Osaka. We chose the pickles and sweetcorn option, sprinkled with tuna flakes, it was dreamy and comforting. 
I Love Markets eating at Okan, Brixton Village
After the refuel our final destination was Market Row, which is again similar to Brixton Village with plenty of cool places to eat alongside traditional stalls selling fresh fish, incense, household goods. Perhaps it’s more in danger of selling out with a few more chains. I saw Chillbox frozen yogurt here, it stood out like a sore thumb. At the end of market row is this awesome incense and candle shop. Love this place, you can find some unusual and ridiculously kitsch toiletries too. Powerful Indian bath oil to bring you success perhaps?
Superstitious Toiletries at Brixton, Market Row
Finally a trip to Brixton is never complete without saluting some of it’s characters. This chap was a man of few words, but nevertheless was happy for me to take his picture.
Interesting Characters of Brixton, Market Row
Planning a trip to Brixton? Plan your visit a check out our shops and stalls directory.
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By Katie Ingham, I Love Markets.

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