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Brixton Village, Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8PS

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Okan in Brixton Village is a popular street food join. It Brings you Japensese Street Food in this small but buzzing environment. Okonomiyaki is the most popular and famous streetfood dish from Japan’s second largest city, Osaka. Osaka is an industrial city famous for its unique and vibrant culture, its sense of humour and food that is cheap and tasty; it is known as the “Kitchen of Japan”.

Okonomiyaki means “as you like it”. It is a savoury pancake with a cabbage and batter base, a variety
of toppings and finished with a special brown sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, green seaweed flakes and
bonito shavings. The dish is traditionally served at matsuri (festivals) and shared with friends in small back-street caffs and peoples’ homes throughout the city and the rest of Japan. Part of the joy of the
dish is the experience of watching, smelling and tasting okonomiyaki cooked fresh in front of your

Moto has been serving okonomiyaki from street stalls around Brick Lane since 2002. Okan in Brixton
brings you a new experience of okonomiyaki, served with a wide variety of toppings together with an a la
carte selection of classic Japanese ‘home cooking’.As it’s cooked it goes through various stages of frying, layering and re-frying over just eight minutes. You choose meat, fish and vegetarian toppings which are added to your mix.