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Pop Brixton – Firing at Point Blank!

Pop Brixton and Community Market Place

London is a magical place. It never fails to surprise you. Pop Brixton has been on my radar for a while, but I had the pleasure of finally visiting recently. I really didn’t know what to expect, but what I found was a hip-skanking favela of independent businesses. Some housed in cargo containers, others knocked-up with the same creative spunk as Glastonbury Festival’s legendary Shagri-la.

Cargo Fashion at Pop Brixton

Cargo Fashion at Pop Brixton

In the spirit of a true favela this is a thriving community, booming with innovation. Perhaps the vision of Pop Brixton is a projection of what favela futurism could look like? Thankfully no gun shots here, but they have certainly pulled the trigger to ignite something special.
The first space I saw of this kind was over at Neil Market where they have similarly created a permanent market of independent cargo shops and shacks. Street Feast have also successfully penned this creative pop-up, favela model at  various semi-permanent venues across London.

It has been commissioned by forward thinking Lambeth Counil, and is a pioneering space for the community, showcasing local independent business and start-ups as well as providing office and studio space to ultra hip movers with community focus like Reprezent Radio and Bounce Back. 

POP Brixton
Pop Brixton is the best I’ve seen. It unfolds at every turn. It has it’s own barbers and pub selling South London’s homegrown, brewed beers. It has fashion shops, a record shop, skate shop it’s very of yoga wellness space and most importantly an array of enticing food outlets.
Pop Brixton has it's very own barbers - London Barberhood
 The local pub - Brixton Port Authority - Pop Brixton
It even has its own herb garden, Pop-Farm, which is a community urban growing project. Herbs are growing everywhere, which creates a green and earthy inner city oasis.
The herbGarden Pop Brixton
Inspiring Community Spaces Pop Brixton

Inspiring Community Spaces at Pop Brixton

Winding through the favella maze, you’ll discover some real gems.  Like Babba G, a Bhangra Burger outlet, where on the menu you can enjoy a Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger or a Crispy Chicken Tikka Burger.
Bangra Burger Pop Brixton

Spicing up the offering –  Bhangra Burger at Pop Brixton

Warming up for lunch, It’s Ghana Be Tasty scores well with hungry visitors.
It's Ghana Be Tasty Pop Brixton
As if the offering couldn’t get any better, we forgot to mention Pop Box which is a large event space used for music and arts events. The best way for you to truly feel the love of the Pop Brixton experience is to visit. Make a day or a night of it. It’s firing at point blank.
Pop Box Event Space Pop Brixton

Visit Pop Brixton

49 Brixton Station Road. London SW9 8PQ

For more info visit the website.

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