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Mixy Fandino Ltd

Mixy Fandino, known previously as Nereida Jewellery specialises in beautiful handcrafted jewellery from the Colombian Andes inspired by the indigenous tradition yet with a wholly contemporary edge. These high-quality items are made from natural, sustainable, light and highly wearable materials – totumo, tagua and cotton – and are not only unique but a riot of South American colour.

We work closely with local artisans and have nurtured relationships based on respect and fair trade. By selling their meticulous work overseas we help to sustain cottage industries and preserve a way of life. We provide direction in terms of what is on trend in Europe while allowing the jewellery-makers the freedom of expression to create standout pieces that fuse the ancient and the modern.

This large spherical fruit comes from the calabash tree, endemic to Central and South America, its shell traditionally used by indigenous people to manufacture water containers, kitchenware and musical instruments. Local artisans cut, polish and engrave the gourds by hand to produce pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings embellished with designs based on hieroglyphics from the ancient civilisation of San Agustín in the south of Colombia.

Otherwise known as vegetable ivory, Tagua is a nut from a palm tree that grows in the tropical forests of South America, and is a genuine, humane alternative to elephant tusk. Indigenous Colombian tribes believed that Tagua had an innate feminine energy that bestowed its wearers with the ability to live in peace and harmony. Local artisans dry, dye and slice the seeds before assembling them into beautifully crafted individual pieces.

Individual cotton fibres are dyed in bright, carnival colours and stuck together with ‘magic’ glue. The cotton is then fused with other natural materials such as wood and acai berry seeds to produce original contemporary jewellery that commands attention. The technique of crafting by hand creates highly malleable pieces and hence no two are the same. Cotton fibre is also extremely light, allowing for statement items that are easy to wear.