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Jubilee Market Bringing people and shopping together

The traditional market open 7 days a week since 1975 in Covent Garden. The Jubilee Market in the heart of Covent Garden is great market to buy a wide range of Christmas gifts and souvenirs.

Visit the Arts & Crafts Market held every Saturday and Sunday to buy handmade Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones. Everything will be handmade will love. You’ll find a great selection of products from soaps, dog coats, dresses, beautiful hats, book covers and much more.

Antiques Market – Every Monday from 5am to 5pm.

The Antiques Market offers you the best and broadest selection of antiques in London. Our professional antique dealers present antiques and collectibles from every era and style, including: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Fine Art, Fine Jewellery, Fine China, Sterling Silver, Antiquarian & Used Books.

General Market – Tuesday to Friday from 10.30am to 7.00pm.

The General Market is well placed to serve the Covent Garden community. It offers a wide range of goods, plants to picnic hampers, greeting cards to souvenirs, beauty care and garden equipment. Whatever you need it’s available here!

Arts And Crafts Market – Weekend from 10am to 6pm.

Arts & Crafts Market featuring a wide range of hadmade products and gifts. All of our creative traders bring a wide range of skills to the UK products that you can find at the market. With a wide range of units you can find arts and crafts covering everything from candles and hand painted items through to jewellery, paintings, calligraphy, clocks and even fossils!!

A little bit of history..

The Jubilee Hall, which houses the market, was built in 1904, and gained Grade 2 listed status in 1980. The restoration of the building began in 1985, driven by the CEO Ray Green. The market was officially opened by the Queen in 1987.

The Jubilee Market runs along Tavistock Street which itself was built in three sections and is named after the, then, landlord, the Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Tavistock.

The Jubilee Market area is steeped in history with the novelist Thomas De Quincey lodging and writing here, goods used to be delivered on ponies direct from the docks to the loading bays which can still be seen, and the first mention of a Punch and Judy show in Britain was recorded, here, by diarist Samuel Pepys, who saw such a show in the square in May 1662.

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