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Food for Thought

Food has taken London’s markets by storm. On a recent trip to some of London’s most popular lunchtime spots, Katie Ingham wonders if it really is all glorious? Think August would be a good time for London’s markets but actually it’s a bit of an iffy one. Being the summer you may expect people to […] read more...

This week's Market Picks

Summer is a great time for London’s Markets with plenty of stalls, lots of visitors and sunny summer vibes. Discover something different this weekend. Here are our market picks. To see all these events and more, head to our What’s ON  calendar. Model Market, Friday & Saturday 5pm-1am, 196 LEWISHAM HIGH STREET, LONDON, SE13 6LS. […] read more...

Sept 13 - LIVE on BBC London 94.9

 Katie Inghams next appearance with Robert Elms on BBC London 94.9 will be September 13th at 10 40 am. On the show she will be telling listeners about London’s best markets and events over the weekend. Katie has made several appearances on the Robert Elms show this year. “It’s amazing to have BBC London Radio as […] read more...







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