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Our Mission Thrive, Inform, Entice!


Our mission is one we feel very passionate about! London’s is home to some of the best markets in the world. They are amongst our finest assets and illustrate what a unique and wonderful city that London is. Our markets showcase London’s diverse cultures, vibrant communities and independent mavericks. They are forever influencing and changing the landscape of London and its high streets. They are an integral part of London’s make-up. Our city would be pretty dull without them. If you want to experience a true taste of London, then you have to visit one of it’s many fabulous markets.

It’s because of this that I Love Markets exists. London’s markets deserve a dedicated online space to thrive, inform and entice! It’s essential that we preserve their importance and relevance. As well as promoting London’s markets, I Love Markets provides an excellence resource for Londoner’s to discover them. Our markets will survive as long as Londoner’s keep visiting them. Of course we want tourists too, but markets are local assets, which should be enjoyed by local people.

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