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152 City Road ,London

Tags: jewellery, jewellery upcycling

Lumoi Jewellery provides an eclectic mix of handmade sustainable jewellery, featuring recycled fine silver and gemstones, and more recently Up-Cycled jewellery made from materials sent into our Jewellery Up-cycling service. Our studio is situated in North East London on the edge of the city sandwiched between Epping Forest & the hustle & bustle of the East End.

“Our mission is to enhance peoples lives by designing and making beautiful jewellery from sustainable materials, while protecting our environment for future generations. We want to reignite the worlds love of handmade arts and move away from the ‘fast’ and ‘disposable’ society..”

Core Values

Positive change – leading the way in sustainable fashion, inspiring positive change
Sustainability & Compassion – we’re guided by environmental sustainability with compassion for all life
Integrity – working with transparency, not compromising the truth
Unity – uniting with all to maintain the balance on earth