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Flour Mills Bath

We are called Flour Mills Bath, we are a small independent company that handmade Natural Bath and Beauty Products, based in the UK home of Spa, Bath. Our brand emphasis is on sustainably producing Natural Spa quality items that are packaged responsibly, while maintaining an emphasis on design and practicality. The company was set up by Anna, who has been wholesaling her products now for 3 years, and I have recently joined her in her venture following working with her at Cardiff Christmas Market and falling in love with the products. She can be confident in her products as she has been wholesaling to Uk Spa’s for 3 years, but she now wants to offer her products to the public to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, along with finally gaining the recognition for her work put into the products, putting her name to the product as it were.

As Anna is the one with the story behind Flour Mills I will pass over to her for a little of what she has to say:

When I moved to UK 5 years ago I could have never thought about doing this – having my own, beautifully designed body product brand. And I AM so proud of it! Yesterday after talking to some of my friends I understood that in the ‘about us’ page on our website I have held so many things behind. It is not just about me, it’s about all of my friends who have got together and helped me. Bit after bit. Amy with the beautiful designs of product labels, Max with the great advice, Jodie, Dave, Rhio, Kata and more – all talking about it to their friends. And this *is* the only way I can gain a small share in this market that is ruled by “body shop” and “lush” – companies that have started just like me, working from their own homes, putting in tons of effort.

I am passionate, I love what I do. And what I do is make to-die-for body scrubs. If you want a super soft skin that is achieved by most natural product- you’re at the right place. Furthermore I have spent more than a month researching the right packaging – we use whisky tumblers and 100% biodegradable corks for our scrubs and bath salts, and aluminium bottles for our shower oils and body oils. It’s all re-usable or recyclable. I don’t like waste. Moreover as gifts I want to provide that true cared for and pampered feel. We box the products with Wood wool, dried fruit, petals and herbs, and ribbon up with tree resin ribbon. People are never disappointed when opening up these gifts.

In ingredients I use only natural sea salt and 100% natural base oils! Sometimes I use fragrance oils just because essential oils are extremely expensive, and I don’t want to lie to you saying that it’s ‘rose oil’ when it only contains 0.0001% of it. I have given my products to many friends for free, because I love them and I think they deserve the best. And they have loved them too. Have a look at our website and review page of independent reviewers and see what you think!

So that’s us, briefly. Get in touch if you want to know ANYTHING, and come visit us at Covent Garden, we will be happy to give free samples for anyone to try!

Look forward to meeting you!

Rhio x