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Creative Journeys at Crafty Talks by Hollye Murphy,  I Love Markets

Crafty Fox is one of my favourite non-daily markets of all time. Usually on once in Spring and once near Christmas (although there are three markets for 2013 – hooray!), I count down the days until I can squeeze into an absolutely packed out Dogstar in Brixton and make my way around the trail of
creativity, all three floors of it. The buzz that spans round the market is literally infectious (although maybe enhanced by the pint that’s usually in my hand – it is a pub after all!) and stallholders continuously tell me what great times they’re having. My purse usually gets a bit hurt, but at Crafty Fox I can just buy myself a new one, so who cares!
I therefore could not contain my excitement when I got myself a ticket for the FIRST EVER Crafty Fox Talks on 6th June 2013. Chaired by Lisa Rodwell of WOOL AND THE GANG, inspirational and honest speeches were given by Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It, Sam Wingate of Mr Wingate, and Lisa Levis of Betty & Walter and Ada Rose. The theme was Creative Journeys and was a treat for any of you budding and creative entrepreneurs out there. From the logistics of wholesale to the tips behind keeping your sanity, Crafty Talks had the answers!
InStitchYou of Greenwich Market sewed portraits next to the DJ decks
The content was both important and intriguing for any people who are trying to step their business up to the next level. For any ILM members who dream of housing their wares in their very own shop one day, Sew Over It’s talk was been well worth a listen. Lisa detailed the process from ideas through to reality, bringing in the practical elements that some of us forget about: what demographic is right for your brand? How will you define your USP? How do you sort out a cashflow forecast? The beauty of Lisa’s talk was that it truly was a success story. Whilst ups and downs are inevitable and continuous, the Sew Over It dream did come true. If that’s not inspiring, what is!
 Rachel Loves Bob and Miss Holly’s Boutique have both traded at Crafty Fox
Lisa Levis’ talk was equally significant. We all have an emotional, mother-like attachment to our products and brands, so dealing with saying goodbye to them can be heartbreaking. Lisa detailed how this can happen but more importantly how to deal with this if it does. Her lovely brands Ada
Rose and Betty & Walter were born out of this, and while caution was a key part of the tale, so was never giving up! 
The speech by Mr Wingate however was the one I related most to our ILM community. Mr Wingate started out on our beloved Brick Lane market, followed on by a shop in Columbia Road. After learning to identify what sells and what doesn’t, he was picked up by Selfridges and has been on his adventure ever since. 
Do you have a great idea? At Club Workspace in Kennington

We love all our stallholders at ILM because they all have their own individual stories. These were three stories that were sincere, motivational and inspirational. Anyone who can make it down to the next Crafty Talks, SHOULD.

Some of our very own ILM stallholders have traded at Crafty Fox Market. Browse their wares at our online shop or check out some of our faves below…
Dog and Fox Ceramic Mug by Lil3birdy
Jimi Hendrix Greetings Card by Mister Peebles


Tattoo Rose Ceramic Tile Coaster by Juan is Dead
Moustache Necklace by Miss Holly’s Boutique
Paper Back Letter RackRoom in my House


Brass Statement Necklace by Rachel loves bob
Retro Sweets Passport HolderSew Smitten
Kissing Doves MirrorChido Bueno
Animal Print Geometric Earrings by rachel loves bob
Bird and Floral Coasters by Lil3birdy
Hollye Murphy

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