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Brick Lane Vintage Market One of East London's Best Vintage Markets

An array of prints and colours from Smoking Gun at Brick Lane Vintage Market 

Brick Lane Vintage Market opitimises Brick Lane Fashion. With Brick Lane’s high street fast
becoming the new Soho, it’s great that this market exists as it
offers the (sometimes painfully) cool kids an affordable outlet for on-trend shopping. YES it’s bright and YES it’s lary. This is Brick Lane Vintage Market. 

It’s deep and dirty from the outside but once you enter you’ll be struck by a fashion statement lightning bolt and it’s a knock-out. It’s not all vintage, you’ll also find up-cycled vintage, as well as new clothing too. Here’s what caught our eye. 

An array of bold prints, colours and kitsch from Smoking Gun Vintage pictured above. 

Popsicle fashion from Smoking Vintage at Brick Lane Vintage Market

We love the effort and love that goes into the stall displays and themes. It definitely adds to the ice cool vibe. Who needs the high street, these traders are giving them a run for their money. Franklin Tree below.

Franklin Tree at Brick Lane Vintage Market

A great mix of classic vintage and new-wave from P-Green

Vintage by P-Green and some weird teeth pics at Brick Lane Vintage Market
Levis and loud prints at Brick Lane Vintage Market

Lunettes London have been keeping Brick Lane’s super-hip happy for some time with their range of vintage sunglasses and spectacles.

Lunettes London at Brick Lane Vintage Market

That’s the way to sell retro! We love this display, which embraces the spirit of Brick Lane Vintage Market.

No vintage market would be complete without old-school vinyl. A rarity nowadays but completely essential.

Vintage Vinyl at Brick Lane Vintage Market
Kitsch is key! Where art and vintage meet.

Kitsch retro at Brick Lane Vintage Market

Brick Lane Vintage Market is now open Thurs-Sunday. 

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