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Tranquil Tuesdays at South Kensington Farmers Market

South Kensington Farmers' Market I Love Markets blog

The serene lunchtime setting of Kensington Farmers Market, London

Markets weren’t on the forefront of my agenda today, but I had a sneaky feeling I might stumble across something. That’s  the beauty of London and indeed of London’s markets. You never know what’s around the corner.

The main purpose of my South Kensington mission was to embrace the School Holidays with a trip to The London Science Museum, along with my daughter Ruby. I used to work around here, but it’s no longer an area that I frequent very often. It’s always nice to revisit old territories.
South Kensignton Farmers Market
After exploring the museum, feeling hungry I left on my next mission  to find lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day so alfresco was my preference.  As a self confessed market lover I was delighted to walk directly into a signpost outside the museum pointing me in the direction of the South Kensington Farmers’ Market. It’s new apparently,  held at the Queen’s Lawn, Imperial College.
On the approach I could see the market nestled amongst the trees and I was taken by what a lovely setting it was to hold a market. It was like one big urban picnic. The sun sparkled through the giant old trees and the ambience was seriously tranquil, with no noisy traffic to disturb you.
Farmers’ Market, South Kensington Farmers’ Market is predominantly a lunchtime food market. The food on offer embraced plenty of British Favourites. There were no big surprises, but satisfying choices all the same. With most meals £5 or less, it was refreshing not to have to break a tenner. Being part of The Imperial College the market did have a student feel. Most of the traders were young and I had the feeling that most of then weren’t the owners behind the food stalls on show. Visit the market!
Food stalls at South Kensington Farmers Market Imperial College
Seriously Italian had a seriously healthy queue. I was easily swayed by a different stall selling crab noodle pasta and paella. I’m not sure who made it, as the stall was unbranded which is unusual these days. Fresh seasonal strawberries and blueberries seemed like a hit with the health conscious. I tasted gooseberrys at the stall of the Brambletye Fruit Farm one of a handful biodynamic fruit farms in the UK.  I was wooed by a photo of the sexy farmer picking them. I couldn’t leave empty-handed after that.  Being a sucker for a good jam i had to buy a jar of apple and elderflower.

Brambletye Biodynamic Fruit Farm  South Kensignton Farmers' Market

Brambletye Biodynamic Fruit Farm  South Kensignton Farmers' Market

Biodynamic produce at South Kensington Farmers’ Market

The prize for longest queue of the day had to go The Parsons Nose which was a big British Farmer’s  BBQ. The students couldn’t get enough of the farmers’ bangers.  They are renowned for their pedigree.
The Parsons Nose South Kensignton Farmers Market

A smoking farmers BBQ from The Parsons Nose

The farmer’s organic and very colourful fruit and veg stall, admittedly did look a bit lonely at the end of the market. Stocking up on organic groceries wasn’t really the purpose of this market. Like so many markets nowadays the focus was lunch, lunch, lunch!
I’m pretty sure the street food focus, has hit saturation in London now, but whilst we’re all still hungry and the sun is shining, food markets like South Kensington  Farmers’ Markets are still on to a winner.
For a serene summer lunchtime, go alfresco and head to the South Kensington Farmers’ Market at Imperial College, you won’t be disappointed.
Katie Ingham, I Love Markets
Katie Ingham, I Love Markets, South Kensington Market

Me and Ruby enjoying our market bite at South Kensington Farmers Market

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