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Tony’s Gallery

Tony’s Gallery

Sclater Street,London

Tony’s is a new art platform/gallery space located on Sclater Street in the heart of the east-end gallery scene and prominent urban art quarters of Brick Lane and Hoxton.

The gallery’s aim is to encourage the crossovers between street and contemporary art through a programme focused on instigating a dialogue between the two genres and exploring their boundaries. By offering a platform for experimentation and creative freedom, the actual gallery space becomes part of the process of contextualisation of the artists’ practice and projects. Through an emphasis on artistic collaboration and installation-based projects, Tony’s challenges the idea of the traditional exhibition space to adapt itself to the concerns and tendencies of the current street art discourse.

Tony’s presents seven exhibitions per year with an international programme of recognised artists who have already become identifiable for their ongoing and relentless interventions onto the skin of urban and rural landscapes around the world.

Launching on the 5th May 2011, Tony’s is delighted to present ‘Bortusk took a trip’, the first solo show by UK artist Bortusk Leer. Since bursting onto the art scene in 2007, Bortusk’s naively spray-painted and marker penned monsters have become a common sight on the streets of London and New York. This inaugural exhibition will feature a site-specific installation alongside a selection of recent paintings and sculptures.

Artists include:
Bortusk Leer
Burning Candy
Debbie Lawson