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The Little Matters

What “matters”? Little Matters!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved making cards and gifts as presents for everyone- I just feel it’s the most heart-warming thing to receive from anyone, don’t you agree? That’s why Little Matters was created.

We  use the best quality materials, and try to stay green and use recycled materials at the best I can. I love the textures, colours and feel of the materials I use and am sure you will too!

In summer 2013, Flora joined The Little Matters as another designer/maker! Bringing us her magnificent miniature houses of sweet little memories… As my lovely mum, she’s also the source of my creative gene 🙂 Flora always had a crafty hand, but most recently has she discovered her unknown talent of mini-house sculpting!

“I’ve actually began making little clay houses from volunteering at an arts event, where we made about 100 clay houses in 4 days! When the project was finished, a nostalgic feeling has attached me to the craft.
I think the houses contains my own reminiscence. When I sculpt I think of lots of things I love; little touches from different stages of my life; the nature I’ve always been involved with; places I’ve been… and actually quite a few inspired from animations I’ve watched- something I never grew out of since I was a child. It’s a very self-indulgent process actually!
Everyone has their own reminiscence, I hope people who see my work can also connect with their own fond memories.

Flora x ”

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Lillian x