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Leaping Lizards

Leaping Lizards

Broadway Market, Hackney, London, E5

Tags: babies, broadway market, designers, fashion, hackney, kids wear, new born, school yard

Leaping Lizards 2012 (a children’s clothing range that aims to inspire creativity) It was founded by two designer/travellers who took inspiration from the culturally rich fabrics seen around the world. After making clothing items for friends and family, the demand initiated a new business.

We aim to make clothes that combine ethnic natural fabrics with simple and stylish shapes. Our collection, is designed to be comfortable, innovative, long lasting and quality wear suitable for children of today. The sizes range from New born up to 8 years old.

All fabrics used are limited and may never be seen again. We source all our fabrics while travelling and cannot get more. This keeps the collection unique and exciting.