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Girl with beads Unique Handmade Recycled Fashion

Girl with Beads love to create wonderfully unique handmade recycled bags, clothing & accessories from my house in Walthamstow, East London.

The girlwithbeads range includes unique handmade bags from flat caps, suit jackets and vintage fabrics. T-shirts & hoodies customised with vintage ties are available for adults and children. Plus, fun accessories like giant button brooches, bow tie hair clips and bunting necklaces.

I have always been interested in making things and after I received a sewing machine for my 21st birthday there was no stopping me. As a student I began scouring charity shops for materials to experiment with and soon discovered a treasure trove of inspiration. I love the challenge of taking existing items and turning them into something new whilst keeping a sense of what they were before.

Each design has its own personality, charm & history, from the very British Flat Cap Bag, to the country tweed Suit Bag and the 1970’s floral curtain Shopping Bag; they all have a definite spark of nostalgia.

I continue to source a lot of my materials from local charity shops so by purchasing from girlwithbeads you are helping me to carry on supporting these charities.

Each piece is carefully chosen and prepared before being transformed. The great thing about using recycled materials is that every creation is unique, so you can be happy in the knowledge that your item is a complete one-off.

If you would like any further info please do get in contact with me on or call 07855 130 410.