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Ellewood Vintage

Ellewood Vintage

Manor Park Road,Finchley,London

Tags: 1980's, clothing, retro, street style, vintage

Ellewood Vintage is an online vintage and retro clothing company with a focus on 1980s fashion for women. Ellewood Vintage provides a distinct and refreshing alternative to the mass produced fast fashion of the high streets. With clothing personally sourced, Ellewood Vintage brings the best and most authentic fashions to customers in the UK, with a keen focus on the 1980s. Ellewood Vintage values individual customers and their individual eclectic needs.

“With so much inspiration & original street style in London it was hard not to be inspired to start my own business. Ellewood Vintage is the final part of a lifelong ambition to develop a passion into a career. To me Ellewood Vintage is about having a goal and achieving it. My passion for the 1980s definitely started the ball rolling, but then it became so much more than that. The company now represents much more than just clothes, it is an identity. The message I’m putting out there is something I’m incredibly proud of. Ellewood Vintage isn’t just about the threads you put on it’s about being you and chasing your goals no matter who says you can’t. Ellewood Vintage customers know who they are and they are not afraid to be proud to stand out in a crowd. Ellewood Vintage is about what you think, what you say, who you are. Ellewood Vintage is about all of it, the fashion, the music, the icons, the hair. It is the opulence, the grime, the political and social changes, the ethnic diversity, the culture. Ellewood Vintage is London, it is street style, it’s experimental, it is youth. Ellewood Vintage is not just playing dress-up it is an attitude, a statement, a revolution, a challenge, a no rules way of life.”