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Dookies Grill Caribbean Fusion Food

Dookies Grill

74 shell road, lewisham, london, se13 7ty

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Dookies Grill is a blend of British and Caribbean styled food. We rustle up full-bodied, mouth-watering savoury easy-to-eat wraps. Each one is ram packed with succulent juicy meat seasoned to within an inch of its life. Dookies Grill promises to tantalize and satisfy any appetite.

One of our most popular wraps is our jerk inspired pulled pork. This scrummy little master piece is pork belly infused in a jerk marinade. The infused pork is then slow cooked to get it nice and tender, once tender we pull it apart, pour on some honey and fry it on a griddle. This process allows the pork to go crispy in places and what you are left with is a sweet, fiery, sticky and crispy pulled pork wrap topped with apple sauce.