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Continua Art Born in two different continents, our ways met. The little fantasies began growing not being only playful, but transforming into dreams and than why not plans and therefore actions. So, here is what is being created in the junction of two dreamers. Continua Art is our work's interface.We decided to start walking and growing together. Our intention is to act in our best abilities towards life's challenges, supporting and improving each others ideas,using what comes in our hands, playing with our imagination and putting it into form.

Continua Art


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Andre Ruiz de Freitas (DECOLIFE)

Continua Art is a Streetartist from Aluminio Sao Paulo Brazil, born in 1990. Working on streets galleries and installations with many different fields like walls, objects, paper and wooden sculptures. I don’t paint protesting or against anything, but with my love for art, bringing colors and life everywhere. Inspired by dreams and imaginary world, nature, places, music and different culture that I’ve acquired from my trips and my Life Mission.

Viorica Luciana (LUVI)

I took my first step into this journey in the beautiful regions
of Romania in 1983. Tasting and experimenting different fields, that I could stumble upon in my way. Enjoying diversity, which, always brings a fresh plate of information that keeps my curious mind opened for growth.Interested to keep feeding my curiosity in order to learn and as-well share it all with the other hungry minds. Fields I\\’ve tasted and enjoyed so far: laughter, music, dance, capoeira,bartender, nursing, flight attendant, volunteer work, craft works, lots of travel and love.

Art brought us together. More specific, we met during Fisart (International Street Art Festival) in Timisoara, Romania, 2013.

Holding hands, dreaming and blending ideas we started working together.
Our first wall painted together in Romania

Soon after, we opened our wings and started flying around the world sharing colors, we don’t have every step planed, but we are in for the always surprising life with  new experiences and ways. The only sure thing is about painting as much as we can and transform all the lessons and steps that we’ll go trough into artworks.

We keep doing small artworks and dream-catchers, with everything that comes to our hands, creating and improving all the time.
“Dream-catcher originates in the native American’s legends and stories. The legend of the dream-catcher will vary a little in each of the tribe, with different twists that are particular to that region of the country. All being based on the same story line, that, the dream catchers served to catch any negative energies that were in the room and only allow good thoughts enter the mind, so the dreams of those who slept there would be good ones. read more…