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Camden Stables Market

Camden Stables Market has undergone the biggest transformation over recent years. It’s now a labyrinth of cobbled paths and tunnels, lined with markets stalls and units selling everything from food to antiques to retro fashion. Everything is on offer! Some would argue that it’s lost its rustic charm, but we still love it!

Wonder the arches to find your treasures or head to the ramp for the old school market experience, which is now where revellers lounge day and night at the famous PROUD hangout. There are plenty of niche and specialist shops, grunge, Goth fashion, Cyber Dog club wear, Mod fashion, Dog Fashion, 1950’s fashion. Camden Stables Market has it all. There used to be lots of antiques at Camden Stables but nowadays it’s s smaller section of the market. There are plenty of vintage and retro stalls & shops. Check out the basement market for some real unique gems!