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Born Again KidsWear

Born Again Kidswear is an awesome seller of kids retro & vintageĀ  clothing. Find them at Broadway Market every Saturday. Was set up 6 years ago on Broadway Market Hackney by myself Peter Rowe. Prior to setting the company up I was designing women and childrenswear but realized there was a niche for good quality secondhand wear. I try and stock items that complement each other and that customers want to put their children in. 2 years ago Born Again Kidswear was set up in Chatsworth Road and will be doing Hackney Homemade this year.

Since its birth Born Again Kidswear has grown, and I am really lucky to have a lovely customer base. We are most known for bright coloured knitwear, quirky Vintage pieces and classic Osh Kosh Osh Kosh Begosh dungarees. I am trying to grow the collection beyond Hackney so if you could like me on Facebook I owe you one. Thanks for looking.