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BilliiN manufactures quality products from recycled materials. Our aim is to provide a platform for people to earn commission from the sale of their artwork via various platforms.

We launched at Brixton Maker’s Market in 2012 where our founder and creative director, (Nicola Bellinfantie) began selling her designs with her son who was 9 at the time.

Nicola created our launch product; fridge magnets made from recycled ceramic tiles. She was able to secure commissioned sales for a limited time in diverse gift shop on Coldharbour lane and the Brixton windmill. This product shaped the first platform for BilliiN.

BilliiN is looking for a premises to run workshops for people to learn how to create their own designs on the various platforms we will have to offer. We will also like the premises to have a shop for people wishing to just paint their own fridge magnet either with a friend or group of friends.

In the meantime catch us at pop-up markets across London and please feel free to share any advice or information you may have to help us reach our goal.

Many Thanks
<3 BilliiN