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Why You Will Love a Visit to Old Spitalfields Antique and Flea Market

The popularity and indisputable success of Old Spitalfields Antiques and Flea Market is reflective of people’s love of the weird, wonderful, unique, old and untold.

Antiques Markets like Old Spitalfields Market in East London are a place for people to reminisce discover and connect with the past. Of all Antiques and Flea Markets in London, Old Spitalfields Antique and Flea Market is the undisputed champion of the weird, wacky and wonderful.

Taxidermy at Old Antique Market

It’s a magical mystery tour of the bizarre and unexpected. It never fails to entertain. It’s the quality and diversity of the products and stalls on show that guarantees keep visitors coming back for more. This market is sui generis, a true original and here’s why you will love a visit to Old Spitafields Antique and Flea Market.

weird stage props at Old Spitalfields Thursday Antique Market

Weird and Wonderful Stage and Film Props for sale at Old Spitalfields Thursday Antique Market

For me antiques and flea markets are the King of the market experience. They boast with a gritty elegance and are everything that a great market should be. People are on a pursuit to discover something old, to discover something that resonates and that brings them closer to the past. Those of you who have listened me on BBC Radio London will know that antique markets are where life-long love for markets began.

My parents are antique dealers and so i used to spend weekends frolicking around at antiques markets like Pickets Lock in Tottenham, Greenwich Town Hall and Alexandra Palace. Ally Pally as it’s known is the only one of those three that’s still running, which is a real shame. Antiques markets in London have declined over the years, which is even more reason why places like Old Spitalfields Antique Market need to be cherished.

The antiques industry is one that has suffered and struggled to adapt from the physical to digital world. What I have learnt to understand since operating I Love Markets is that markets are very physical entities. The beauty of the market experience, shopping at markets and the experience of visiting them, is one that is hard to translate to the online world without losing the fundamental characteristics that make them special. Saying that, it’s a challenge that I relish!


I fell in love with this old Mr Rabbit

Antiques and flea markets are also one of the few remaining places where you can still haggle or barter like the old days. The art of bartering at markets goes back as far as the 1830s. Having worked on markets, bartering is common place as traders inherently like to shop themselves, so an exchange of goods is lighter on the pocket.

Antique stalls at Thursday Antique Market

A great mix of 20th century, vintage and antique relics at Old Spitalfields Antiques Market on Thursday

You realise when visiting markets like Old Spitalfields Antiques and Flea Market that the interactions you have, the banter and energy is so contagious. Like many other types of markets, this is what makes markets very sociable and mostly enjoyable places to hangout (Of course bad days do exist too!). The powerful prowess of the perfectly curated stall and display can make you. Like any shop a market stall and its owner, is selling their aspirations, brand and products like any other high street flagship. And that’s what makes Old Spitalfields Antique and Flea Market a stand-out, because of the creativity and TLC that goes into the stall displays.

Street FashiQuirky Toy Stall  Thursday Antique Market

Traders just as quirky at the products themselves at Old Spitalfields Antique Market on Thursday

Visiting antique markets is like visiting a museum, but unlike a museum you have the opportunity to buy everything that’s on show. I do think it’s the museum-esque appeal of antique markets that attract a certain curious visitor. And yes, talk to any trader and you will always hear complaints of people more interested in taking photos than buying. This is unfortunately a hazard of the job, but if you’re a trader you should take it as a compliment as it means you’re stall has got talent. My advice is to take advantage of the opportunity. Ask for them to tag you on Twitter or add a link to your website even!

Armour at Old Spitalfields Thursday Antique Market

Old Spitalfields Antiques Market is by far the best London Market to visit on a Thursday. It’s open every week come rain or shine, from 8-4pm. It’s undercover, so a great London Market to visit during these winter months. If you’re a fan of antiques and flea markets then London has some other great markets to visit. Check out our blog to discover more of London’s Best Antiques Markets.

Old Spitalfields is also great for a bit of people watching! London street fashion is at its most adhering here.

Old Spitalfields Market people spotting & watching oldspit-chairStreet Fashion trends at Old Spitalfields Thursday Antique Market


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